Kazak Sunburst

Kazy was a retired endurance horse.  He was stiff in the shoulders giving him a short stride and was unable to jump.  He was only in light occasional work after being retired in 2005.  After just one massage treatment Kazy was a new horse.  At the end of 2008 Rachel rode him in an endurance competition and he gained a grade 1.  The photo is of Kazy in 2009 enjoying jumping again!

© Photo courtesy of Clytha Photography

Patches seems less sensitive in the girth area.  Spending time looking into the sensitivity of the entire body must be of benefit and it is always useful to have the opinion of a third party to spot potential problems.

Patches attitude to hacking away from the yard imrpoved, a major problem before the treatments.  Also, she is schooling well with softer transitions and her canter is improving.

Carolyn and Patches

Wispa found it difficult to canter on the right rein, but after 2 treatments he now achieves a right canter most times.

Gina and Wispa

Danski is much more supple, looser and quicker to warm up.  He also seems to work more evenly on both reins.  I'm really pleased with the results, and will definitely have him massaged in the future.

Charlotte and Danski

The massage and stretches have helped Cracker relax and enjoy his rides over challenging terrain, when previously we stayed on flatish routes.

Belinda and Cracker

I have learned alot from Rachel and both horse and myself have found a real benefit from the treatments.  There is definite improvement in movement and temperament.  Its taken years off Dancer.

Sue and Dancer

Peanuts had problems with navicular disease.  He was stiff and quite unhappy.  Over a course of treatments with Rachel he has improved a lot and is now a happier horse and more willing to work.

Belinda and Peanuts

In spite of the bitter cold, Chantalle is moving freer and is far more likely to keep on 2 tracks when working.  Also, she now has very little tightness in her back.

Lesley and Maria and Chantalle